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What Type of Diamond Suits Her?

So, you think it’s time to get married? You’ve probably decided when and where you are going to pop the question, and now the only thing left to do is to pick the perfect ring to accompany the entire experience. Picking diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL can be a stressful scenario. Most people picking out a ring know precious little about the jewelry and feel like they are in over their heads when picking out engagement rings. Worry not, we’ve collected some important information and tips that we think will help you pick out a ring that your bride-to-be will swoon over on the day of the engagement and for years thereafter.

Picking the Right Shape 

Picking the correct shape to suit the soon-to-be-bride, can be tricky. In order to pick the correct diamond, it is important to consider your intended’s style, as well as the price range you are shopping in, and the setting of the stone. For example, the most traditional diamond engagement rings include round diamonds. The round diamond is considered a classic and traditional ring that fits most people’s styles and preferences. The round shape diamond is best for a woman who appreciates timelessness in her jewelry. While round diamonds are the most popular, there are several other shapes. For example, the pear-shaped diamond is a popular choice for solitaire engagement rings, or rings that only feature a single stone. The pear-shape lends visual interest to the otherwise sparse ring. Some prefer to look at princess-cut diamonds for this type of band, as well.

Radiant, cushion and asscher-cut diamonds are particularly popular for diamond engagement rings that have a intricately designed bands. In recent years, the split-shank pave settings have become increasingly popular. This type of setting includes two thin bands that are separate but meet at the back of the ring, and each band has diamonds or other gems set into it. This type of setting often features the radiant, cushion or asscher-cut diamond styles, because it is a more modern look and the cuts lend themselves well to the style.

Color Options and Alternative Diamond Engagement Rings 

While the traditional diamond is always a classic, many newly engaged women are flouncing tradition and looking at alternative gems, particularly colored diamonds. Colored diamonds occur when the diamond is not pure. For example, Boron is traditionally responsible for blue diamonds, while nitrogen is responsible for chocolate diamonds. These gems offer an aesthetic appeal for a less traditional betrothed. If your intended bride is more of a free spirit, than a timeless woman, a colored diamond could be a good choice. Colored diamonds can be cut in any of the shapes you would normally find a traditional diamond in, with round remaining the most popular. They can also be set in a variety of different settings to create a slightly off-beat and different diamond engagement ring for a Jacksonville, FL bride.

How to Find an Engagement Ring that Suits Her 

The best way to find an engagement ring that suits the woman you are asking to spend your life with is to ask some questions. The element of surprise does not have to be removed when asking questions. In fact, most women prefer to have some form of input into their engagement ring. After all, it is a ring she will likely have and wear for a very long time. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your intended, ask people she is close to. A trusted friend, family member or loved one can often clue you into what your intended likes in her jewelry.

Before picking out a ring, take notice of what she wears in terms of jewelry. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to pinpoint a style in most women’s jewelry. A woman who likes simplicity and understated necklaces and earrings, will likely prefer a simple, a round-cut or princess-cut diamond engagement ring, rather than a more flashy and modern option. A woman who prefers brightly colored pieces might prefer one of the colored diamonds in her engagement ring. Take cues and pay attention.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask the jeweler any questions. When you go take a look at engagement rings, it is important to speak with a jeweler you feel comfortable with. They have a pulse on what is popular and what is in-style, and they are generally experts in picking jewelry to fit a particular personality, so don’t be afraid to ask. No jeweler expects people walking in to be experts, and most are more than happy to calm your fears and help you pick the perfect ring.


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