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Why Monahan is the Name You can Trust in Fine Jewelry

If you’re shopping for jewelry, you probably have one thing on your mind: finding the right piece. You have it all figured out; all you have to do is find a store that has what you want and go out and buy it. But then the salesperson is pushy, or the price is higher than you thought, or you aren’t given quality service in some other way. How many times has this happened to you when making a purchase?

When you’re thinking of buying jewelry, just as important as the piece itself is your experience with the jewelers. You need to trust your jeweler to provide you with quality items, affordable prices, and a helpful staff to assist you in this special purchase. Here at Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and friendly staff, fine collection, and years of experience in jewelry-making. We are one of the largest independent jewelers in the Jacksonville FL area, and we have a long-standing reputation for quality and excellent service.

This reputation no doubt began with John Monahan, the hardworking and humble founder of our store. In 1977, John started the Coin and Stamp Company from a borrowed $3500 and his childhood stamp and coin collection. In 1980, John saw an opportunity when the gold prices rose in the United States, and he shifted his focus to jewelry-making. John moved the store to its current location on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville, FL and changed the company’s name to Monahan Jewelers. Frequently staying late at the store to manufacture all of the jewelry and maintain the books himself, John was highly passionate about his work. He was described by his son Sean–now owner of the store–as “the hardest working man I ever met.”

John was an ingenious and dedicated entrepreneur, but he also cared deeply for his community and was motivated by the desire to give back. Sean says that his father “always considered himself an underdog” and that he “had a soft spot for the guy at the bottom.” During Christmastime, always our busiest season, John would deliver baskets of food to the needy around Jacksonville’s beaches. Committed to community outreach, we have continued John’s tradition of giving back to this day.

Although John Monahan has passed, his passion for jewelry-making and interest in helping others live on in our store now. While large, chain retailers want to get you out of the door, as a family-run business, we want to keep you coming back: we care about developing relationships with our customers. Our professional staff of jewelers has over two decades of experience, and they are knowledgeable experts in their trade. We are happy to answer your questions, provide suggestions, and help you find the perfect piece, whether it be an engagement ring or stylish pair of earrings.

Monahan Jewelers also offers custom design for rings and other jewelry, another service you won’t find at most large jewelry retailers. Our designers have 34 years of experience working with customers to design the piece of their dreams. Combining our expertise with your imagination, the possibilities are nearly limitless. You will walk out of our store with a piece that suits your unique style and tastes, never having to make a compromise on what you want.

In addition to custom designed pieces and our own large collection, you will find full service jewelry repair at Monahan Jewelers. Whether you need a stone setting or restoration on an antique piece, we offer friendly, fast service that makes the process easy and stress-free for you.

With our years of professional experience, dedication to our customers, and our commitment to help you find or design the perfect piece at the right price, Monahan Jewelers is a name you can trust in fine jewelry.


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Monahan Jewelers is a full service jeweler with complete repair, restoration and manufacturing capabilities. Our master jeweler has over 34 years of experience and is a true craftsman.

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