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The Four Cs of Diamonds

The decision to get engaged to “the one” is one of the biggest decisions a couple will face together. It’s an investment into the future, a symbol of the love you share, and an heirloom that will be passed on to generations to come. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re considering an engagement ring purchase.

carat CARAT – The word carat is derived from the South American word “carob,” which is a chocolate seed that is the same weight as a one-carat diamond. The carat weight is determined by the weight of the diamond. Each carat is divided into 1/100 equal parts that are called points.

diamondcuts CUT – Cut is the only human factor. The shape of the diamond can vary, including round brilliant, princess cut, pear shape, oval, and marquise.
The cut is also referred to as the original cutting of the rough diamond into the success of a diamond in reflecting and refracting light. Cuts that are too shallow or to deep cause light to leak through and affect the diamond`s brilliance.

clarity COLOR – Color grade is based on a scale that starts at ‘D’ and ends at ‘Z’. A diamond with a color grade of D would be deemed hyper white and overly transparent and a diamond with a color grade of Z would have a significant yellow tone. Diamonds graded D through F is naturally the most valuable and desirable because of their rarity. Diamonds graded G through I show virtually no color that is visible to the untrained eye. Diamonds graded J through M will have a very faint hint of yellow and can often be minimized by carefully selecting the right frame to mount the diamond.

CLARITY – Clarity refers to the amount, size, location, and nature of imperfections in or on the surface of a diamond. Imperfections on the inside of the diamond are called inclusions and those on the surface are called blemishes. Inclusions often include clouds, crystals, feathers, and pinpoints. Blemishes pertain to scratches, pits, and chips. Clarity is based on a scale ranging from flawless to imperfect.

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