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A Special Piece of Jewelry For Your Special Someone

When you have someone special in your life, you want her to know that you appreciate her. Words are often forgotten and flowers wilt, but diamonds lasts forever. When you want to find a truly unique and special gift for that special person, let a Jacksonville FL jeweler help you select the type of beautiful piece of jewelry that will make memories that won’t fade. Every time she looks at her piece of precious jewelry, she will think about you.


One Stand-Out Piece


A lot of women have a large selection of jewelry, but a lot of that jewelry may be part of a set designed to coordinate with other pieces. However, many women who appreciate fine jewelry will think it is extra special to get a beautiful, unique piece chosen specifically for her and her only. The Jacksonville FL jewelers at Monahan’s can work with you to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to take her jewelry collection to the next level. With Monahan’s estate jewelry collection you can find a statement piece to do just that.


Choose Something Exceptional at Monahan’s


When you shop at chain jewelry stores at the mall or from the jewelry counters at major department stores, you run the risk of choosing a piece of jewelry that a lot of other people have. While a lot of people share common tastes and there isn’t anything wrong with that, your special lady is one of a kind. There is nothing run of the mill or common about her, and chances are very good that she has refined and high class tastes. She wants the best of the best, and you want her to have it. Let her know that she chose the right man when you choose a unique, exceptional piece of jewelry from Monahan’s.

  • Unique Diamonds: Diamonds display a broad range of the five Cs — cut, color, carat, clarity and certification — that are all measures of their quality. When you choose a unique diamond, you know that she will have a beautiful eye-catching piece of jewelry that she will wear with pride.
  • Estate Jewelry: Most women highly value their jewelry collection and hope that it will one day be a legacy that they can leave to future generations. When you choose a new gift of jewelry for that special someone, keep in mind that you are helping her to build a collection of timeless, classic estate jewelry.
  • Custom Design: When you shop from retail jewelry selections, especially at major retailers, it can be nearly impossible to find a one of a kind piece of jewelry that no one else has. Choosing custom designed jewelry is the best way to ensure that she will never see anyone else with the same piece, especially because it is uniquely tailored to fit her individual style. She will always appreciate knowing that you chose it from the heart because you played such a crucial role in its design.


Build Her Collection


Jewelry, whether it’s timeless or trendy, can make any woman feel more beautiful. Women have many varied moods and facets to their personalities, and one piece of jewelry alone may not be enough to allow her to express all aspects of herself. Giving her more jewelry is a great way to show her that you love every side of her and all the ways she wants to express herself. She is a multi-faceted woman and she deserves beautiful jewelry to help her celebrate every one of her varied interests.


Show Her Your Best


Trust the jewelers at Monahan to help you select an impressive piece of jewelry to show her you wanted to find her something truly special Plus, it will give her friends something to talk about!


Freshen Up Her Jewelry Wardrobe


Fashion makes a statement about who you are, and many women feel that it is very important to keep up with current trends. Buying a new piece of jewelry will help her freshen up her look and will make her feel fashionable, which in turn will boost her confidence to keep that twinkle in her eye. The jewelers at Monahan’s keep up with the newest styles and we will help guide you to find the next stand out piece for her jewelry collection.


Buying jewelry is an important step and it can be a significant investment, especially when you buy jewelry that contains diamonds and other precious stones. You don’t want to get ripped off, which is why you need to go to a high quality, experienced jeweler who you can trust. You can trust Monahan in Jacksonville, FL to help you choose a fine diamond in a setting like a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet. We are even the right place to go for jewelry repair to make sure your investment stays beautiful forever. Your lady is special to you; doesn’t she deserve a special piece of jewelry, too?


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