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Showcase of our Exclusive Collections: Halia, Sophia, Metalsmiths

Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL, has a new line of exquisite bracelets, rings, earrings and other remarkable pieces of eye-catching, light-capturing jewelry. Our exclusive collections include the Sophia, the Halia and the Metalsmiths.

A Showcase of Fine Jewelry From Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL

Remaining true to the ethics of quality combined with authentic affordability, John Monahan amassed a quantity of quality diamonds and gems at prices making it truly feasible to keep this commitment to low costs for fine diamonds.

The importance of affordability is always foremost for those delivering these choices to the friends and neighbors who have come to rely on Monahan Jewelers for their holiday and romantic occasions.

One of the largest suppliers of fine diamonds and gems in the Jacksonville, Florida area, Monahan Jewelers is a clear and classic example of how the value of hard work, dedication, service and longevity can create a local legacy of appreciation, trust and confidence.

True to the values of family and local neighborhood support and loyalty, Monahan Jewelers’ management was handed from father to son. Sean Monahan is now overseeing the value-creation for this highly popular local jewelry retailer in Jacksonville, FL.
A Showcase of Our Exclusive Collections: Halia, Sophia, Metalsmiths

The inventory currently made available from Monahan’s will easily fit any occasion. Providing an impressive array of stunning diamonds, and alluring precious gemstones, both gold and platinum jewelry are here waiting for you.

As the decades passed, this uniquely reputable and historic company established many critically valuable relationships with significant designers from all over the world.

The Halia Collection

This new and impressive Halia collection of meaningful beauty is much more than just a charm bracelet. The Halia bracelets tell a whole story for those who enjoy their unique look and charming beauty.

The Halia collection originates from a jewelry design system that is actually completely customized to tell a story of your life. This means it is entirely of  your own creation, and includes a unique and complete expression of your personal, individualized style.

The Sophia Collection

If you are in search of unique, colorful and fully dazzling diamond rings, earrings, and necklaces that sparkle in natural diamond quality and colors, then choosing from the many Sophia collection pieces will be an intriguing and enjoyable process.

Truly unique approaches to dazzling diamonds are one of the best ways to offset the beauty of the one you love most. From teardrop shaped exquisite sparkle to rings of contrasting gems and other diamond pendants, finding exactly the right jaw-dropping dazzle for your beauty has never before been easier.

The deep and unique characteristics of diamonds are routinely graded and categorized by the diamond industry. We help our customers learn how to choose authentic, high-quality grades of diamonds using the ever reliable “Four Cs” of diamond selection.
The Metalsmiths Collection

This collection is composed of intricately laced fine metal designs etched in gold or silver and offset with gorgeous stones that augment an earth, wind, and fire elemental aesthetic. If you are one who loves the individualized and unique designs for stand out jewelry pieces that no one has seen before, this is the collection to view. The Metalsmiths collection is a tribute to the long history of elegant and unforgettable custom designs, truly unique to those who crave original quality.


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Bring your large diamonds and gold to Monahan Jewelers for quick cash or trade. We'll pay you fast and make the whole process easy.

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Monahan Jewelers is a full service jeweler with complete repair, restoration and manufacturing capabilities. Our master jeweler has over 34 years of experience and is a true craftsman.

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