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Shapes and Bands

Bridal Guide:

When shopping for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL,  the quality of diamond is certainly important, but the shape of the diamond may be more so. The various shapes of the diamonds are often said to correspond with specific personality types. Women will often have very strong feelings about which shapes they do and do not like. When you shop for an engagement ring, it’s critical that you know which shapes are most suitable for your future fiancee.

Similarly, the band is also a reflection of the wearer. Many bands are simple and tastefully understated. They may have few to no additional diamonds and instead let the main diamond shine based on its own merit. On the other hand, some bands are loaded with additional diamonds to complement the sparkle and brilliance of the larger diamond. Like the shape of the diamond, the type of band is largely a matter of personal preference.

Ring Shapes

The most popular type of diamond shape is the round cut, which is found on more than half of all engagement rings sold in the United States. The round cut is exactly what it sounds like – circular in appearance. It’s designed to maximize sparkle and brilliance and often costs more on a per carat basis than any other shape, largely because they have so much demand. However, they’re also more expensive because the cutting process yields less diamond with each cut, pushing the cost of the finished product higher.

Round cuts are said to be a classic look and are said to represent warm, selfless personalities. A round cut could be most appropriate if you don’t know what type of diamond you want or if your future fiancee hasn’t expressed a strong preference. Many men choose a round cut when they want to surprise their fiancee without discussing the ring first.

A princess cut diamond is square-shaped and appears to be an inverted pyramid sitting atop the ring. This unique design allows the diamond to sparkle from all angles and attract light from across a room. A princess cut is said to be preferred by women with bold, assertive, and independent personalities

Radiant cut diamonds are rectangular and feature more than 70 facets to maximize brilliance. Khloe Kardashian famously sports a 12.5 carat radiant cut diamond that is worth more than $850,000. Radiant cut diamonds are popular among highly-social vivacious women.

Marquise cut diamonds often appear larger than they actually are because of their long, narrow shape. They look like ovals with pointed ends, much like footballs. Marquise diamonds are excellent choices for women with a graceful, but unique, sense of style.

Like the round cut, the oval cut is also popular among those who don’t have a strong preference toward any one type of ring. It’s somewhat traditional enough to fit into any setting, but also has a unique charm that allows it to stand out. The diamond is perfect for women who like to express their creativity.

An emerald cut is a square or rectangular shape diamond that may have rounded corners. It’s stair-step appearance gives it an excellent level of clarity, sometimes making the diamond appear to be glass. The emerald cut is popular with women who have an elegant and modern sense of style.

The asscher cut is much like the emerald cut, but tends to be more perfectly square in appearance. An asscher cut is perfect for women who want a brilliant, but vintage, diamond. Jessica Alba sports a five-carat asscher cut diamond.

The pear shape is brilliant and beautiful, but certainly falls outside the traditional shapes. It’s tear-drop appearance gives it a unique charm that makes it perfect for an adventurous and gregarious personality.

The heart shape diamond is an excellent choice for a woman who is sensitive and hopelessly romantic. As the name implies, it is shaped like a heart. The cut is demanding and requires the work of a master craftsman, which often leads to flawless results.

Wedding Bands

While the engagement ring is often the center of attention, the band also offers opportunity for expression and customization. Bands often come in gold, platinum, and silver. Gold can be purchased as either traditional gold color, white gold, or rose gold. Platinum is the most expensive of the three types because it is usually more than 90 percent pure.

Bands can be further customized with diamonds placed in and around the ring. This is largely driven by the wearer’s personality. Some appreciate a band that draws attention. Others wish for a more understated appearance that allows the diamond to shine on its own.

The best way to search for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL is to simply go out and try some on. You’ll likely be drawn to the one that perfectly fits you or your fiancee’s personality.


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