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The decision to get engaged to “the one” is one of the biggest decisions a couple will face together. It’s an investment into the future, a symbol of the love you share, and an heirloom that will be passed on to generations to come. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you’re considering an engagement ring purchase.

A diamond is an investment that requires maintenance, cleaning, and care to keep its dazzling sparkle. Although it is one of hardest known natural materials, it can be quiet vulnerable to cracking, breaking, or chipping. If you do not clean your ring properly or maintain it to a correct standard, it can damage the diamond.

  • Clean the diamond. Use a soft brush, soap and water to clean your diamond. You do not need a special brush for cleaning if it is not readily available. You can use an eyebrow brush or even a lipstick brush because they are small, soft, and acceptable.
  • Use a mild detergent like Windex mixed with warm water or a professional jewelry cleaner like Monahan Jewelers “Jewelry Cleaner”.
  • Soak the jewelry piece for a few minutes. Soak the ring for a few minutes in the mixture before scrubbing it with a soft brush or lint free cloth using “in and out” motion so as not to snag any prongs and inadvertently loosen stones.
  • Rinse. Use a strainer to rinse your ring of any residual detergents.

Looking for more ways…contact Monahan Jewelers at 904-246-4653. Monahan Jewelers offer full service repair, restoration and cleaning service to keep your jewelry looking its best.

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