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How to Pop the Question

Ways to Pop the Question: What Will Your Engagement Story Be?

When you decide that you are ready to get engaged, asking your partner can be an intimidating thought. Planning the timing, the place, picking out the best ring, then the suspense of their answer, talk about nerve racking. Are you trying to come up with a wonderful way to ask? If you are looking for some of the most romantic and unique ways to ask that special someone to marry you, then read on. Here are some great ways to pop the question. Just be ready with your diamond engagement ring in Jacksonville, FL.

Seasonal proposals

What season of the year are you planning to propose in? Whether it be winter or fall, or maybe a spring or summer proposal, incorporating the season adds a special touch when setting your scene. With these ideas, all you need to remember is your diamond engagement ring from Jacksonville, FL. If you’re looking into a winter or fall proposal:

  • Carve pumpkins together and carve out “Marry Me”. Ask your love what they think of your pumpkin.
  • Ask for help from a friend. Have them set up a picnic while you two are hiking. Then, when you stumble upon this surprise, your scene is set.
  • Leave a note on the frosty window of their car.
  • Go fly a kite together since fall provides a perfect breeze. Write “will you marry me?” on the underside of the kite.

Perhaps your proposal will be in the summer or spring time. These ideas are perfect for setting a warm scene for that moment.

  • Propose in a botanical garden. When everything is in bloom, you have a beautiful, romantic scene.
  • Make it a family affair and have everyone over for a barbecue.
  • Make a sandcastle on the beach. Safely away from rushing water, place the ring on the highest turret and show off your masterpiece.

Playful Proposals

Are you more of a fun and playful couple? Maybe something a little more silly or playful is your style. These ideas will fit the bill.

  • Have her look at a ring chart for her size. When she says the surprise of shopping for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL is ruined, say, “Okay. Try this one.” Then, hand her the ring you’ve already shopped for.
  • Go to her office or class and leave a big note with your proposal then hide and wait.
  • Put yourself in a large gift wrapped box and “pop” out with the ring.
  • Play hang man with the phrase “marry me.”

Public proposals

If you are planning to get down on one knee in public or want to announce your intentions for all to see, these ideas will help you set the scene. What better way to show your outgoing partner how much you love her than in public?

  • Go out dancing and ask the DJ if you can use the microphone to dedicate her favorite song. Get out on the dance floor, down on one knee and propose to her.
  • Send your love out on a scavenger hunt. Leave clues around town, the last hint should lead to you.
  • Go to the movies but before you do, ask your theater if they will run an ad with your proposal. Be sure to make it in time for the previews.
  • Get your friends involved and have a party. Ask them to wear shirts baring the letters to spell out “will you marry me” and suggest a group photo. Let the shirts speak for themselves.

Proposals at Home

If you have already shopped for your diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL and you prefer a more private proposal in the comforts of home than these ideas are perfect. Nothing will be more intimate and romantic than a night together at home and a surprise proposal.

  • Spell out “will you marry me” with glow in the dark letters on your ceiling. When you go to bed, turn out the lights and wait.
  • Turn out all the lights and use a trail of candles to lead votive candles encircling the ring.
  • Leave a trail of notes recalling your special moments that lead to you with ring in hand.
  • Slip the ring on while your love is sleeping. Then wake them with champagne and strawberries. Wait until they notice the new piece of jewelry on their finger.

So what will your engagement story be? If you’re looking for diamond engagement rings in Jacksonville, FL, Monahan Jewelers is the perfect fit. We have been helping select that perfect diamond engagement ring in Jacksonville, FL since 1977 and offer the best in fine jewelry. Let us help you find that perfect ring for your special moment. Contact us today and our friendly and professional staff can show you the best in quality in custom jewelry designs.


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