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Engagement Ring Trends

Trends in Engagement Ring Design

The diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL couples are eager to purchase for 2014 are following this season’s exciting styles. Trends in rings affect everything from the metal to the stone. Here are the highlights, followed by details to help you decide:

  • Metals—2014 will see combinations of colors for your bands.
  • Settings—Prong settings still set the pace, but other choices entice.
  • Radiant Orchid—2014’s Color of the Year flirts for attention with diamonds.
  • Floral Flourishes—Part of the antique and nostalgic look, flowers are fresh for 2014.
  • Cuts Above—Fancy-cut stones will carry 2014.
  • Halos—Not one, but two for you for 2014.

Metals, My Precious

Selecting diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL couples should begin with the metal that forms the staging for the fine stones. Beginning with brave blends of white and yellow gold, many couples turn to mixed metal bands to support the diamond. Other variations can combine platinum and rose gold, too.

Wise buyers start with the metal because its color can add to or detract from the diamond. Each color of metal offers benefits:

  • Platinum is the most expensive, but it resists tarnishing.
  • Yellow gold, available in 14-karat or 18-karat, is very popular and readily available.
  • White gold matches any style, serving as a neutral background to support a diamond of any shape.
  • Rose gold is a bit more daring and can set off colored diamonds, brilliant cut diamonds and other precious stones, such as sapphires, nicely.

All Set

Establishing the metal for the ring leads to its setting, and, here, 2014 offers many style choices. From traditional to edgy, couples can find settings to cradle a diamond, lift it high above the ring surface, or provide ample light to enter and sparkle in the diamond. While prong settings are the most popular, settings for diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL fiancées can choose from include bar, bezel, flush and invisible settings.

One trend is the East-West setting, in which the stone is turned at a right angle to the traditional placement, giving it an oversized appearance. This works well with marquise, oval and emerald cuts.

Especially suitable for brides-to-be with elegant, thin fingers is the petite setting, in which the setting is deliberately underplayed. Petite settings can enhance a classic solitaire diamond, alone or nested with petite diamonds. This setting is generally less expensive than others, and can make even a modest diamond in a round cut appear larger.

Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid, seen in fashion shows anticipating the spring trends, is 2014’s must-match color. This beautiful, deep purple color mixes fuchsia and pink and can be found in some of the wide selections of diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL jewelers carry. The bold color radiates love, health and joy, and promises to add originality and flair to any diamond engagement ring.

Royal and Regal

Diamonds dazzle; but diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL couples can find in local jewelry stores are sharing space with other stones, such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

Together, sapphires and diamonds can combine the year’s hottest color choice—Radiant Orchid in the sapphire—with the enduring love the diamond represents. Great Britain’s Royal Wedding provided the original inspiration for this color, with Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring causing quite the stir.

If Radiant Orchid seems a bit beyond your taste, diamonds in colors set against yellow gold may be more appealing. Fancy colored diamonds—yellows and pinks—are unique eye-catchers. Emeralds and rubies in a halo can offset a clear diamond and reflect their colors back into the main stone.

Charming Florals

The great advantage in diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL couples have is the wide array of styles to support different personalities. While edgy and daring suit many fiancées, the traditional woman can enjoy some lovely trends in antique and nostalgic settings. Floral design engagement rings are hot—the flowers and blooms on the bands provide a romantic reminder for all eternity.


One reason your Jacksonville, FL jeweler wants you to learn the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat) of diamonds is to appreciate the cuts available. Fancy-cut diamonds—emerald, princess and cushion cuts—in a variety of shapes are very popular for 2014. These cuts can enhance solitaires or halos equally well.

Hello, Halos

A hot trend in diamond engagement rings Jacksonville, FL couples find appealing are double-halo settings, in which not one but two halos surround the center stone. Two tiers of small stones give a welcome boost to oval or round cut diamonds.

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