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Engagement Rings

To help you begin that journey for the ideal engagement ring, below is a list of the most popular diamond shapes as well as a description of each that might assist you in your decision process.

Round Brilliant
– The round shaped diamond is by far the most popular shape selected for engagement ring settings. This diamond shape has the maximum number of facets as compared to other diamond shapes creating an unbeatable shine and brilliance. Due to its timeless, traditional nature women who are drawn to this shaped diamond jewelry tend to have more romantic personalities and pride themselves on being honest and down-to-earth.

Princess Cut – Princess Cut diamond jewelry is basically square in shape with a smaller square on topic giving it the illusion of an inverted pyramid. This configuration was designed to allow for the maximum brilliance extracted from a square shaped diamond because of the shine it illuminates from all angles. Women attracted to this diamond shape tend to be bolder in nature and find themselves in leadership type roles frequently.

Radiant – Radiant shaped diamonds are more rectangular shaped and resemble the Emerald shaped diamond. However, a Radiant diamond has 70 facets that maximize its brilliance more similarly to the Round shaped diamond. Trend-setting women who have playful personalities tend to appreciate this type of diamond jewelry.

Marquise – The Marquise diamond is an elongated shape with points on each end, similar to a Round diamond and is designed to maximize its own number of facets through optical dimension tricks. Because of its shape, it appears much larger than other diamonds. This shape is ideal for the women who explicitly prefer the finer things in life.

Oval – Just as the Round diamond tends to be the most popular, the Oval is often a favorite because its perfectly symmetrical design lends itself to fit most all settings. The brilliance of the Oval diamond is very similar to that of the Round diamond; however, it tends to strike a positive chord because it beautifully deviates slightly from the ordinary. Women who have a flair for creativity as well as strong family values tend to gravitate towards this shape.

Asscher Cut – The Asscher diamond is square in shape with high crown step facets. A classic, the Asscher diamond resembles the Emerald Cut diamond only the Emerald tends to be more rectangular. Any classic woman with an appreciation for all things vintage will enjoy the beauty of this diamond’s shape.

Pear Shape – Resembling a sparkling raindrop, the Pear Shape diamond has a rounded bottom with the top tapering to form a point. This cut combines the best features of both the Oval diamond and the Marquise diamond. Women with a more sensitive side who are not afraid to show their emotions are often fond of this shape.

Emerald Cut – The Emerald Cut diamond can be either rectangular or square with rounded corners. This diamond shape resembles stair steps because of the way it is cut with fewer facets and looks much like a brilliant clear sheet of glass. Given the clarity of this diamond shape, the Emerald Cut diamond is very appealing to those women who have an elegant flair coupled with a warm, open heart.

Heart Shaped
– The Heart Shape diamond is exactly as the name implies and is a very brilliant cut. This diamond shape however can be difficult to master and its beauty requires a highly skilled cutter. The ultimate symbol of love, this shaped diamond will certainly captivate any woman who prides herself on being a hopeless romantic.

The options for selecting the ideal diamond for your special someone can be exciting yet overwhelming all at the same time. … your best bet is to speak with a professional at Monahan`s so that they can help show you.


Wedding Bands

There are many choices when it comes to picking men’s wedding bands. It is important that the wedding band chosen for the groom fits his lifestyle and personality. Whether it is comfort or style that is most important, there are many options to choose from. Remember, there are also options for design and adding diamonds or gemstones to the men’s wedding band.

Men` s Wedding Bands Metal Choices:

  • Metal Guide
    • Gold: There are three primary shades of gold: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
    • Platinum: Platinum is a white metal that is generally 90-95% pure when used in jewelry. This usually makes it more expensive than gold and silver.
    • Silver: Sterling silver is a white-grey colored metal which is more affordable than gold and platinum.
    • Alternative Metals:
      • Titanium is a natural element which has a silver-greyish-white color. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world.
      • Tungsten is a grey-white color and is less expensive than gold and platinum. Tungsten` s price and color are comparable to titanium. This product is very strong and scratch resistant.
      • Stainless Steel is a white-grey color, and is not only affordable but known to be comfortable as well.

Anniversary Ring:

    An anniversary ring symbolizes the continuing love of a married couple. Anniversary rings can come in many different styles, such as the popular three stone ring or a diamond band with colored stones. When searching for an anniversary ring, you want to make it unique and special. Looking for a ring that has the colored stone of the month you were married, or custom designing your own piece anniversary rings allow the buyer to be creative such as:

    • Diamond for every 10 years of marriage
    • Colored Stone Ring representing the month of anniversary date (link to birthstones)
    • Diamond Band symbolizing eternity

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