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How to Avoid Tarnish on Silver Jewelry

Unfortunately, tarnish on all sterling silver jewelry is inevitable. However, there are many tips and solutions to keeping your silver clean, bright and tarnish free.

The first step is to understand what causes tarnish. The sterling silver reacts with sulfates in the air and in other jewelry items. Since living in Northeast, Florida Jacksonville jewelry is exposed to sulfates from being so close to the ocean, which can be a direct cause of rapid tarnishing. You also might not know that tap water and naturally occurring water both contain varying sulfate levels. Even common household items such as papers, plastics and cleaning or beauty products contain sulfur compounds that will accelerate tarnish. Keeping these sulfur causing elements away from your silver as much as possible is imperative for keeping tarnish free silver.

Another important factor is to examine your storage conditions to eliminate any products that many accelerate tarnishing. Do not use can crinkly plastic bags, rubber or plastic bins, or Tupperware, as they all contain a high amount of sulfates. Its best to keep your silver jewelry in an enclosed, dry space with silver saver tabs or silicone packets to remove humidity and moisture from your storage space. Also any printed newspaper, dyed tissue paper, perfumes, or aerosol products contain sulfates that will speed up the tarnishing of your silver. Remove any of these items if they are in the same vicinity of your silver.

Once tarnishing has occurred be prepared with any silver cleaning supplies. They are inexpensive, easy to use and readily available. It’s best to keep a treated cleaning cloth within reach of your jewelry area for a quick wipe to remove tarnish from most items. You can also prevent tarnish with anti-tarnish dip cleaners and other solutions that are available. Tarnish cleaning products are safe for most metals, but be cautious on using it near some stones and pearls.

In addition to taking the above precautions and care solutions for your silver, select Jacksonville jewelers offer anti-tarnish alloys such as Argentium, but there are also other alternatives. These alloys are considerably more expensive than sterling, but they do offer extra protection against tarnishing. Come in to Monahan Jewelers to check out your options for tarnish protection against the silver jewelry you want.

As always, it’s important to remember that all sterling silver is not the same. Each has different conditions that make some pieces tarnish faster than others. Depending on where it originally came from, what it was exposed to, and how it was treated before you receive it, will differ the reactions each piece has to storing and cleaning methods.

Monahan Jewelers at Jacksonville carries only the finest silver and are always available to give your sterling silver pieces a detailed cleaning when necessary.

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