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Be Aware of Deceptive Techniques Used by Cheap Jewelers

There are various techniques used by jewelers to alter the appearance of lesser value gemstones. These techniques are deceptive to the consumer. However, all of these techniques are considered legitimate if they are exposed to the buyer prior to the purchase. Below are a few tricks that every jewelry buyer should be aware of:

  • Painting – Is used underneath the gemstone to increase its color. For example, a speck of paint placed on one spot of the gemstone will reflect throughout the entire stone.
  • Foil Backing – This is also used underneath the gemstone to add brilliance. It is often found in jewelry with closed back settings. You will often find the foil technique in antique jewelry.
  • Crackling – By applying thermal shock they crack synthetic gems. The technique is often used on lab-made stones to create the flaws found on natural stones.
  • Assembled Stones – This technique is when two or more stones are glued together to form a bigger and better looking gem. Several types of composites can be made. Assembled opals are usually disclosed to the consumer and are not considered deceptive to the consumer. However when this technique is used on Sapphire or Ruby it is often used to deceive the customer.

While these fake stones are used to lower the cost of great looking jewelry it’s important to know that the jeweler should always be upfront about the different techniques used. Spotting a fake stone can be difficult, that is why you should always purchase jewelry from a reputable jeweler like Monahan’s of Jacksonville. We are an honest establishment that will always reveal to the consumer what treatments a gem has received.

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