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Is it Better to Buy From a Retailer or Online?

Most people are accustomed to making smaller purchases online, purchases like clothing and small appliances. As we have become more comfortable with online shopping, we are even buying larger things via the Internet, like engagement rings. However, this may not be the best idea and here’s why.

  • Seeing It In Person. There are very few things that can compare with spending the time to go into a jewelry store to look at a special piece of jewelry that you are buying for a special moment and a person you truly care about. Not only is it about the experience of taking the time and energy to do this, but it also allows buyers to compare pieces and especially stones. No real stone or diamond is identical. With this in mind, people have the opportunity to go into a store and see the stones and jewelry that speaks most to them and the person they are purchasing it for!
  • Instant Gratification. One of the biggest downfalls of purchasing things online is that the instant gratification factor of your purchase does not occur. You have to wait days or even weeks to receive your purchase. Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL wants to help you find what you need and as efficiently as possible!
  • Long-Term Financing. Many jewelry stores offer long-term financing or will allow you to make payments that work for you. Finding a store that offers plans that work for your income and payment abilities is always a plus! Oftentimes online stores do not offer this, which can hike up your credit card bill, deplete your credit rating, and leave you feeling not so good about the overall purchase.
  • Deals. So many retail stores have sales that correlate with holidays. Do your research, find jewelers in Jacksonville, FL that offer what you are looking for and find out if they are offering any upcoming sales. Also know that jewelry prices are often hiked up during peak proposal and wedding seasons! Plan out when and how you want to purchase your jewelry and you can save significantly.
  • Education. One of the most expensive purchases of your life will be an engagement ring and other jewelry for your wife or girlfriend. With this in mind, you want to not only educate yourself on what she likes, but on what you will be buying. As mentioned before, no two stones are exactly alike because they are made in nature. Keep in mind that you need to know what diamond ratings and other stones ratings mean. Do a little research before your enter a store and then ask the salesperson to educate you on what they have according to what you want. Ask questions, and, if the retail store is a good one, they will know what they are selling and the rating system for their jewelry. If they do not know what they are talking about, either ask them to find someone who does or move on to the next Jacksonville jeweler with a higher level of expertise.
  • Talking to a Salesperson. Although some may get nervous and feel that salespeople are more of a detriment due to “pushiness,” salespeople in the right retail setting will make you feel good about the jewelry you are looking at and help guide you rather than push you into a purchase. Never be afraid to walk away from a store if you feel the salespeople are not what you need and pushing you in a direction you do not want to go into. Places such as Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville FL offer highly-trained salespeople who know what the store has to offer and want to help guide you to a purchase you are wholly satisfied with.
  • Regulated Market. Oftentimes, a well run retail store (chain or independent) highly regulates what they bring into their stores. They want to not only offer customers a variety, but also the highest quality based on various price points. A highly recommended retail store, such as Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL, takes pride in their stock and wants to offer customers the best possible shopping experience, which means a high quality inventory!
  • Custom Design. Many online retailers offer supposed custom design, but, in reality, they only offer certain templates and you get to choose a template you like. If you shop in person at a retailer like Monahan Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL you can work with designers to actually create custom pieces from start to finish.


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